Game-Changing Therapy That Saved My Life

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by Ray Pathak, FIP, CIPT, CIPP-C – lives in Ajax, real person, real story.

Hello friends and colleagues on my Linkedin Network. With everything going on with the COVID 19 pandemic and the second wave already here,  I want to share some information that could save you or someone you love. In my view, Convalescent Plasma Therapy saved me, and I wanted to share a living, BREATHING good news story during these dark times. Please keep reading. 

I am fifty with no underlying conditions, work out 3 times a week, vegetarian and do not smoke. Two weeks ago I came down with Covid-19 symptoms – high fever, headache, migraine, extreme fatigue, and muscle aches. I went to get tested and soon after tested positive. On the eighth day, suddenly, I had extreme difficulty breathing. I couldn’t stand, talk or walk without being completely winded.

I immediately went to the hospital where they discovered my oxygen levels were already critical. Within fifteen minutes of arriving, I was strapped to the oxygen machine on level 5 and had IV’s in both arms. For the next five days my condition worsened, and there was talk of intubating me as the situation was deteriorating quickly. What happened next is why I am writing this. 

An Infectious Disease Specialist had come by and looked at my worsening condition and suggested I immediately try an experimental therapy – rare in Canada – called Convalescent Plasma Therapy. He would have to get me enrolled in a clinical trial as soon as possible, but needed an immediate answer.  I said yes without hesitation. It was the best decision I have ever made. Within 12 hours of receiving two units of Convalescent Plasma blood, I was off the oxygen machine, able to get up, walk, talk… and BREATHE!

I was discharged the NEXT day. The doctors and nurses were shocked. For me, it worked like a super drug. There is of course no guarantee that it would work for everyone –note I am not a doctor – but I feel everyone should know about my experience. The doctors originally expected me to be in the hospital for two more weeks—if I was lucky. 

My survival is not why I am writing this, grateful as I am. There are two points I would like you to take away:.

First, I want to create awareness of this amazing therapy, that I feel saved my life. It is perhaps not that widely used or perhaps known, but could be a game changer; it certainly was for me. It is the only reason I am able to write this. 

So, if someone you know now or in the future gets into moderate to severe complications with COVID-19, you need to know about the convalescent plasma treatment. It is an experimental therapy in Canada, so is not offered unless your doctor knows about it or is already part of a clinical trial, but it’s available. I believe it is more widely used in other parts of the world. The doctor that prescribed it was already part of a clinical trial group and enrolled me, so I was lucky. What is it? They take blood plasma from someone who has recovered from COVID-19 and then transfuse it back to someone who is suffering from moderate to severe complications. The idea is the antibodies from someone who has recovered will help to kill off the virus. In worked in my case, so this why I want as many other people to know. Here’s a link to more info for Canada and USA. 

In Canada you can only get it by being enrolled in a clinical trial group or requesting to be added. Alternatively, an emergency use authorization can be used. It is all up to your doctor to know and request that the patient being added to a test group, or to make an emergency use authorization; again only a doctor can initiate this. In the USA, it seems to have been approved as a way to treat COVID-19, and I would strongly encourage you to look at the link I have provided. 

I can only attest to my personal experience, but I have to ask how many doctors or how many of you are aware of this treatment? I have to ask how many people could have survived if this treatment were more widely known and available. This is why I am writing this. I was only the second person in my region to receive. I do not know how widely it is being used in USA or the rest of the world. Why am I telling you? Because it worked for me and if I can help even one other person, I would have accomplished what I am trying to do here – get the word out, save someone. Everyone needs to know their options, including doctors knowing all the options for their patients. 

Second and most importantly: If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and recovered – donate your antibody plasma so you can help someone like me, so that together we can all help someone we care about that may get it down the road. The life of someone could depend on what is in your veins; share it, please. The second wave is upon us and if it is going to be anything as bad as it appears it is going to be – we are going to need more plasma to help people. Here is more info on how and where to donate: 

This is not about me. I made it and am home now recovering, surrounded by my 3 kids and wife. Because of the plasma therapy – I have a second lease on life. However if I can help get the word out there about plasma therapy and also get people to donate blood plasma, then maybe I was able to use my Linkedin network for a very, very good cause.

Please share or like to get this message out to your networks. I feel a passionate need right now to try to get this message to as many people as possible. Please message me for any questions or other information I couldn’t provide here.

Stay safe Linkedin family. Life is precious, never take it for granted. Celebrate life every day. 

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Ray Pathak, FIP, CIPT, CIPP-C Hello friends and colleagues on my Linkedin Professional Network, I want to share a personal story about a COVID 19 treatment that saved my life and could save yours or someone you care about. Please take the time to read. #covid19 #convalescentplasma #savedmylife